When Should You Buy Wedding Insurance?  

WedSure Team
25 June 2024

When it comes to the topic of when you should take out wedding insurance, we might be a little biased, but our views are steeped in the reality of how most weddings are planned.

We sell wedding insurance knowing that your wedding day will likely be one of your biggest expenses. It will be one of your biggest investments, one of the biggest gatherings of family and friends, and the one day you will spend months (and even years!) planning.

Suffice it to say, taking out wedding insurance as early as possible is the safest way to protect your wedding day.

Before any payments to suppliers. Before any dress fittings. Get your wedding insurance in place. It helps you make decisions with clarity and the comfort knowing you are protected for a range of failures.

None of us can predict the future, and being covered for the common eventualities that could derail your wedding day is simply smart.

Why take out wedding insurance as part of your initial wedding planning?

Wedding insurance is a once-off, fixed cost.

At Wedsure, there are no excesses to pay, and all our policies include GST.

Once you know the level of cover you need, insuring your wedding is set and forget. There is nothing more to do after you buy your wedding insurance policy online.

You’re covered from the moment you start signing contracts with suppliers and paying deposits.

The sooner you take out wedding insurance, the sooner these contracts and deposits are covered.

What is the minimum time I can take out wedding insurance for my wedding day?

It might vary from insurer to insurer, though at Wedsure, the cut-off period for wedding insurance is 90 days from your proposed wedding date.

This is consistent with our policies throughout every state and territory.

If your wedding is a multi-day affair (as in official ceremonies that continue over two or even three days; we’re not talking about the recovery breakfast!), you should insure your wedding no later than 90 days from the date of the first day of official ceremonies.

Unfortunately, less than 90 days out, and Wedsure cannot insure your wedding.

Read our PDS in full for all of our terms, conditions and limitations.

Can I change or cancel my wedding insurance?

As your wedding plans and investments change, you might decide that you need to change your wedding insurance policy or wedding insurance cover.

If you need to change your wedding insurance cover or make other changes to your wedding insurance policy, chatting with our great customer support team at any time will generally allow us to accommodate your change.

Typically, this will be to increase your cover though we can also help taking your cover down a tier.

Even cancellation of your wedding insurance if you decide to change your mind.

That’s right. If you decide that you no longer require wedding insurance, we will happily cancel your policy in line with the terms and conditions in our PDS.

Are there other wedding insurances I should be consider?

Our advice is only general, and you should seek independent advice when you believe additional insurance is needed beyond what is offered through a wedding insurance policy.

All insurers have their policies and terms and conditions, which should be read carefully.

The bottom line on wedding insurance

Strongly consider wedding insurance for your wedding.

Take out a wedding insurance policy and cover it at the same time you start planning your big day.

And have the biggest, best day. Happy wedding.

Protect your wedding day in 2 mins.

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