How to make a claim on your wedding insurance.

Cos nothing’s a sure thing…As we are known to say!
We know that having a clear, professional and supportive claims process is critical to our customers. We believe our process is industry-best and we never stop trying to improve. Here is all you need to know about making a claim.
Contact us to make a claim

1. Contact us to make a claim

Contact us as soon as practical, though certainly within 30 days of an event that is likely to give rise to claim.

Provide proof of costs

2. Provide proof of costs

It might go without saying, though the more the proof you have, the easier it will be for a claim to be assessed and for us to help you. Types of documents you should keep organised and within reach include:

  • Receipts and invoices
  • Credit card and/or bank statements
  • Copies of contracts/agreements with suppliers
  • Emails and correspondence with suppliers
  • Other useful items that could assist with making a claim.

We may contact you and ask for further information in support of your claim (e.g medical or police reports, original receipts/proof of purchase). This may also include providing us with English translations of any supporting documents. Please note that providing us with the necessary supporting documents is done at your own expense.

Give us up-to 10 days

3. Give us up-to 10 days after we have have everything

Our team of claims assessors are experienced and will assess and process claims as quickly as possible.

Allow up to 10 days once we have everything from you and feel free to contact us at any stage if you need an update.


WedSure cover is free of any excess or other payments.
Pay once and you’re covered.

Ready to claim?

Contact our claim team, Proclaim today to start your WedSure claim.

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02 9287 1330

Our partners in claim

Insurance is all about partners and we believe we have the best.

We use the world’s largest re-insurer, Lloyd’s of London to underwrite our insurance.

Your policy is backed by the best.

Proclaim provides industry-best claims services. We work closely with Proclaim to deliver the best possible claims process to our customers.

Claims is all that Proclaim does.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions we hear

Why are claims managed by ProClaim?
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We partnered with a company who specialise in end-to-end claim management so that we could do it better than the rest. They are fast, efficient, effective communicators that make your claim easier (oh, and they are lovely to deal with also!).
How fast will my wedding insurance claim be processed?
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Upon receiving all required documents, we will process your wedding insurance claim within 10 days. That's pretty quick!
Do I need to pay 'excess' to make a claim?
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No. There is no excess required to be paid on WedSure policies. It's not our thing!

Making a claim is really quite simple

Our experienced claims team will help you each step of the way. This isn't our first rodeo and we're building Australia's leading wedding insurance company by ensuring the best customer service and experience possible. Hopefully we never need to speak, but if we do, we are here to help.

The WedSure Promise

The WedSure Promise

We've been in the insurance game for years and at WedSure, wedding insurance is all that we do. We have designed our product as easy and comprehensive cover for your special day.

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