Wedding Disasters Podcast (w/Annie Louie)  

WedSure Team
11 June 2024

Wedsure is proud to announce the launch of “Wedding Disasters”, a hilarious new podcast hosted by comedian, celebrant and constant klutz – Annie Louie.

With her quick wit, infectious energy and the ability to find humour in the darkest of places, Annie takes us (the audience) through a rollercoaster of emotions that can serve to help those planning their big day, or simply offer a good wedding themed laugh on the daily commute to work.

Sponsored by us here at Wedsure (hello!), this new series is bound to introduce you to your next favourite comedian or simply help you appreciate the humour in what can only be described as “murphy’s law”.

What to expect from Wedding Disasters?

Wedding disasters (as the name suggests) is a funny new take on recounting some of the more precarious and odd situations that those tying the knot have faced. Annie is a registered celebrant in her own right and invites her comedian friends to collaborate as guests, collecting what is no doubt the funniest, cringiest and heart-warming collection of stories one can find on wedding disasters.

How can you listen to Wedding Disasters w/Annie Louie?

Wedding Disasters is available now on all major podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify and YouTube. To tune-in and subscribe, visit the Wedsure link in bio page.

Be sure to like and subscribe (including turning on notifications) to be alerted when each new episode is posted. Feeling kind? Drop us a review and help us spread the word.

Feel like joining the conversation?

We want to hear from you! Share your wedding disaster stories with us on social media using the hashtag #WeddingDisastersPodcast. Follow Annie Louie and the podcast for updates, behind-the-scenes content, and more.

Happy listening!

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