Making A Wedding Insurance Claim  

WedSure Team
10 July 2024

Not for the reasons you might think, though, it’s a bittersweet moment whenever we receive a wedding insurance claim.

On the one hand, something adverse has happened at a customer’s wedding. We know how big and unique a wedding can be and the excitement, anticipation and build-up.

We know how much time goes into the planning and preparation.

The monetary and emotional investment our customers put into what should be a most significant and memorable day.

And so if something has gone wrong – however small – that isn’t good.

On the other hand, the customer is insured.

And that gives us at least a little solace.

All is not lost. It’s just a bit bittersweet.

Let’s talk through the wedding insurance claims process.

Let’s start with wedding insurance excess or the lack thereof.

Policies will vary from wedding insurer to wedding insurer, though at Wedsure, all our policies are free of any excess.

If you make a claim – no matter for what or the size of the claim – no further payments of any kind are due. When you buy your wedding insurance policy through Wedsure, you pay once, upfront, and that is it.

It is also important to note that when we quote a policy cost, this cost includes GST.

The price you see on the tin is the price you are paying and no more.

And make a point we are always keen to make; get your wedding insurance early.

One reason we insist that you get wedding insurance before paying a single supplier deposit or entering any contracts is that you are only covered from the date the policy commences.

This means that if you have paid a deposit to a venue but didn’t have wedding insurance at the time you paid the deposit, that deposit is not covered.

If you plan to purchase wedding insurance, this is one area not to delay.

I want to make a claim. What do I do?

Claiming at Wedsure is a simple, three-part process.

We have partnered with Proclaim, a specialised insurance claims business, to provide this service. Proclaim is the Australian industry leader in insurance claims, and we continuously work with them to streamline and improve the claims process we offer our customers.

If you make a wedding insurance claim, you may talk or correspond with someone from Proclaim.

You can always talk to the dedicated Wedsure customer support team if you have any questions or concerns.

We even have a dedicated complaints process if it should ever get to that point.

Making a wedding insurance claim. Step 1: Contact us

Contact us as soon as possible after your claim event.

And indeed, no more than 30 days from the claim event date.

Remember, you could be making a claim before or after your wedding.

In the event of the latter make your claim when you are back from your honeymoon, though many couples choose to make their claim straight after the wedding and before they jet off for a week in the Maldives.

Whatever gives you peace of mind.

To start the claims process, view our information on wedding insurance claims.

Making a wedding insurance claim. Step 2: Proof of costs

Regarding payments and deposits, vendors and suppliers should clearly outline what services are being provided, when, and any corresponding payments or milestones for every payment.

This could be as simple as a receipt or invoice or a more formal contract.

Indeed, never let the planning for your big day be bogged down by methodical documentation and filing of every correspondence between your suppliers on the off chance you make a claim!

We would never want wedding insurance to be a buzz killer!

However, do keep receipts and invoices as you go.

Ensure you can access credit card and bank statements.

Do as much in email as you can so you have a record.

And keep anything else you think might be relevant as you plan towards your wedding.

The more proof you have, the easier it is for us to understand and assess your claim.

We might also ask for medical or police reports to assess your claim, so please keep these to the side.

And don’t worry.

We will guide you through everything we need.

We understand it could be stressful, and we certainly do not want to add to that.

Making a wedding insurance claim. Step 3: Give us up to 10 days

The claims assessors at Proclaim are both quick and experienced.

Once they have everything they need, allow up to 10 days for your claim to be assessed.

From there, we will notify you of our decision, and if your claim is successful, payment will be made to your nominated bank account.

Did we mention that we are backed by Lloyds?

One last point regarding payments: we’re backed by Lloyds, the world’s largest re-insurer and underwriter of our insurance policies.

It’s sort of like banking at Fort Knox.

At Wedsure, we might be small, though know that any payments for your claims are guaranteed by Lloyds.

(Let’s just hope you never have to claim!)

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