How To Keep Wedding Rings Safe On Wedding Day  

WedSure Team
29 April 2024

You’re getting married. Congratulations! Now you have 1,500 things to consider and plan, one of which is making sure the wedding day itself goes as smoothly as possible.

In terms of keeping your wedding rings safe; planning is critical. In this guide, we discuss some key aspects to consider when it comes to protecting your wedding rings on the day of your wedding.

Designate a responsible person to keep your wedding rings

Request that your wedding rings are held by a responsible and trustworthy person such as your mother, father or trusted family member. Ideally the person should not have too many official duties on the wedding day – thus they can be organised and present, safely storing your rings up until the ceremony. Upon the ceremony getting organised to start, ask the individual to supply the wedding rings to the maid of honour, or the best man, just in time for the ceremony to start.

Keep your wedding rings with your officiant

If you don’t have someone in mind to safely store the rings with prior to the ceremony, consider asking your priest, officiant or celebrant to hold onto the rings. Again, you will need to use your discretion on what makes the most sense here.

Plan and speak with the individual whom will hold your wedding rings

Be sure to speak with the person holding your rings prior to the day. Do not ask them last minute. Instead, have a conversation with them on the importance of the role and the need to keep them super safe on the day of the wedding. Agree on how this will occur together.

Store your wedding rings in a box or pouch

Ensure that your wedding rings are kept in a secure box or pouch, designed specifically for storing wedding rings. Ensure that the box or pouch is capable of securely closing. Keeping your rings in your pocket, without protection is a big no-no, as it can not only damage the rings, but make it super easy for them to fall out.

Communicate with your wedding planner / vendors on who has the wedding rings

Ensure that other people are aware of your plans / who is carrying your wedding rings. If it’s a family member, you will need to have a way to get the rings from them in the audience prior to the ceremony starting, etc.

Have backup wedding rings just in case

It may be wise to have some backup/placeholder rings available (cheap ones) if you are someone who wishes to be exceptionally well prepared. This can be useful if there is a mishap, a traffic delay, a slip up, etc. The decoy rings can be used in case of an emergency, or until the actual rings can be retrieved.

Secure the wedding rings in a safe location prior to the wedding day

If you are staying in a hotel, or accommodation you are not used to, consider how to best store your wedding rings in this new environment. Mistakes and losses often happen because people are stressed, overwhelmed and not thinking through all of the minor details.

Practice handling the wedding rings

Before your wedding day ceremony, consider practising with your partners the exchange process. This includes rehearsing putting the rings on and off and doing so smoothly, focusing on which hand/finger so that you do not make any mistakes on the day. This also helps you prepare for holding the ring, which can often be small and easily dropped.

Consider wedding insurance for your wedding rings

Finally, consider a wedding insurance policy for coverage on the big day. For example, our wedding insurance at Wedsure will help give you peace of mind on the day, given we cover you up to the amount shown in our Schedule (for loss or damage on the day of the wedding and the proceeding seven days immediately after).

If you wish to then ensure your wedding rings (and engagement ring) after the wedding has ended, you should seek Valuables insurance from your home and contents insurer with portable cover, e.g. for cover outside of your home.

What does it all mean?

In summary, protecting your wedding rings on the day of the ceremony is critical. It ensures a smooth and memorable event, wich is free of any wedding disasters. By designating a trusted and responsible person, using secure wedding ring boxes or pouches, communicating with those helping you plan your wedding – you will see a big minimisation in risk of losing your rings.

Ultimately, by having a plan to safeguard your wedding rings on the day of the wedding, you can focus on creating loving memories together and with your family and friends.

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