Emily and Michael: The Wedding Cars That Never Showed!  

WedSure Team
11 December 2023

This case study is fictional to help explain how you and your loved ones may benefit from wedding insurance by WedSure.

Emily and Michael were eagerly planning their dream wedding. They envisioned a romantic celebration with close friends and family, set in a picturesque venue. To ensure their special day went off without a hitch, the couple decided to purchase wedding insurance from WedSure, a reputable insurance company specialising in wedding coverage. Given the expense of the wedding, Emily and Michael thought the small cost of wedding insurance would be valuable if something did indeed go wrong.


As the big day approached, unforeseen challenges began to unfold. On the morning of the wedding, Emily and Michael received distressing news that their hired transportation company, responsible for ferrying the bridal party and guests, encountered unexpected mechanical issues. To compound their worries, the hired DJ also called to inform them of a personal emergency, rendering him unable to attend the event.
Faced with these unexpected setbacks, Emily and Michael were understandably upset. Together, they quickly made a plan; hiring luxury Ubers for the bridal party and groomsmen, along with booking a DJ they found online. Emily’s younger brother offered to DJ the wedding for them, but together they politely declined.


Remembering the wedding insurance coverage they had obtained from WedSure, Emily and Michael promptly contacted WedSure after the wedding to explain the situation.

WedSure immediately took charge of the situation. They worked closely with Emily and Michael to understand the financial implications of the transportation and DJ cancellations. The insurance policy, designed to mitigate the impact of unexpected events, was able to reimburse them for the full costs of both the wedding cars and the DJ hire.


With the financial support from WedSure, Emily and Michael were not left out of pocket. Upon providing copies of their invoices to both the car and DJ companies – a claim was initiated, and payment made within 10 days. The drama of the day is now but a funny story to tell their friends and family into the future.

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