How Covid protection works with Wedding Insurance  

WedSure Team
25 June 2024

When we discuss COVID with our customers, we sometimes hear things like “really?” and “it is still a thing?”.

And whilst we would love to think that COVID was a period firmly in the past, COVID and weddings are still very much a thing.

Before we go into why you should strongly consider including COVID cover with your wedding insurance, a quick look back at COVID at its peak and the period of prolonged lockdowns in Australia.

(It was not a great time to be an insurer of weddings!)

COVID and weddings in Australia

According to a 2022 Easy Weddings study, during the period of COVID snap lockdowns, 6% of couples in Australia chose to postpone their weddings four (or more) times.

55% of those planning to marry in Australia during the period postponed once.

Not surprisingly, according to Choosi, marriages in Australia fell by more than 30% in the first six months of 2020. (Hands up if you attended a virtual wedding during that time. 🙋)

Almost every wedding was disrupted with only 1 in 10 couples saying that their wedding was not impacted by COVID. Unfortunately, the number goes up when it comes to the impact on honeymoons with 94.2% saying their honeymoon plans were impacted.

The number one impact on weddings during COVID? The limitation of participants and especially family members or other important people.

Very interestingly, wedding budgets shifted, and we certainly saw this. Australian couples spent more on their weddings though invited fewer people.

Social distancing anyone?

And whilst these numbers speak to how COVID hurt Australian couples and their weddings, imagine what it was like for wedding suppliers!

Why COVID still impacts Australian weddings

Even today, the fundamental challenge for any couple planning a wedding in Australia is that weddings are essentially fixed.

A fixed date bringing together suppliers, a venue and guests. COVID is completely variable on the other hand.

Anyone can contract COVID at any time, including the wedding couple, close family, members of the wedding party, guests, and, of course, suppliers.

COVID really is not concerned with our fixed date and venue. And therein lies the fundamental challenge for couples planning their special, fixed, day.

A wedding should not proceed if COVID is onboard.

What should you be looking for when considering COVID wedding insurance cover for your wedding?

When we talk to couples about including COVID cover in their wedding insurance, we cover three key topics.

  1. Rescheduling a wedding due to a lockdown.
  2. Rescheduling due to COVID sickness.
  3. Cancellation due to a COVID death.

Let’s unpack them.

Rescheduling a wedding due to a lockdown

Whilst your memories of COVID lockdowns might include baking sourdough, learning the guitar and binging Tiger King, for those planning a wedding, it was a nightmare.

COVID lockdowns might feel like a memory, though they were enacted when the community risk of transmission and disease was too great.

COVID remains one of the largest causes of death in Australia, even in 2024. The virus continues to mutate and circulate and anyone who has contracted COVID in the recent past will tell you, it is just awful.

It might seem unlikely that we would return to a period of localised or even mass lockdowns, though lockdowns remain the strongest tool for arresting and reversed community transmission.

We include cover for such an eventuality because a lockdown remains an option for governments, especially if we see a strain of COVID that simply must be stopped in its tracks.

Rescheduling a wedding due to COVID sickness

Unfortunately, we see this one all the time.

A close member of the bridal party – bride, groom, best-man, soon-to-be mother-in-law – is struck down by COVID.

A point where the pin needs to be pulled and the wedding rescheduled.

We know we do not need to say it, though nobody should attend a wedding with COVID in the air.

Covering your wedding for COVID sickness is a once-off $200 (including GST) with cover for up-to $10,000 towards the costs of rescheduling.

Remember, your wedding day is fixed. Contracting COVID is anything but.

Cancelling a wedding due to COVID death

If the very unfortunate event of death in the bridal party due to COVID makes the wedding inappropriate or impossible, COVID wedding cover will cover your wedding for up to $10,000 in cancellation costs.

An awful scenario to have to consider when planning your big day.

Though wedding insurance is about peace of mind and planning for the contingencies that could leave your big day in tatters.

When should you insure your wedding for COVID?

You should insure your wedding from the moment you’ve selected your wedding date.

No save the dates, no deposits to suppliers until you’re covered.

And absolutely no less than 90-days out from the big day.

Here is to hope your sourdough endeavours were a real success all those years ago. For $200, purchasing your wedding insurance is a small but effective safeguard.

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